The hollow city in the land of plenty

Here it is 6 months Working/Holiday (not so much Holiday) In NZ. Why it took me so long to jot it down? Partially because there wasn’t much to write about and when there was I couldn’t put it into words without being, rude and insulting. But the dust settled and the clouds disappeared. Enjoy the bare truth of a personal experience… Read More The hollow city in the land of plenty


Hobbits, Hippies and Hardware

You know that euphoric feeling that generates from your deepest core? That’s exactly how I feel. For the occasion I invite the band Canned Heat to play “Going Up The Country”, the Grateful Dead stops by to smoke some . The song supports the birds lullabies, my friends dance around naked in the garden, and the water tastes like wine. We sing “you’ve got a home as long as I’ve got mine.” I let myself fall into the delusion of being in the middle of nowhere, deep in nature until the center of my pale face turns bright red.… Read More Hobbits, Hippies and Hardware

Ow Arabella, lets drift…

A lot of boats, in all diffrent sizes and shape,s took us from El Coco (officially Puerto Francisco de Orellana) to Ecuadors border town Nuevo Rocafuerte, then to Pantoja, just over the border of Peru.
Here our patience was tested as schedules for cargo boats seem to be non-existent.
But she came and we had a most intresting experience. With ship Arabella, to Mazan and one last boat ride finally took us to Iquitos!… Read More Ow Arabella, lets drift…